Tova Rochel Hope-Liel:
Week Two

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Ima had a bit of a fever, so they made her wear a surgical mask for a little while when visiting Tova. Tova tends to wake up slowly. Like both her Ima and her Mommy. "Ima, what's that thing on your face?"

At this point, Ima felt well enough that she got dressed in normal clothes. This was the first time in two weeks that she hadn't been wearing a hospital gown. Mommy holding Tova near her incubator.

Some babies suck their thumbs. Some prefer pacifiers. Tova likes her sleeves, which are always too long at this point. The tape they put on the sides of her heads was for the blindfold, since they weren't sure if they wouldn't have to put her back under lights again.

Ima and Mommy holding Tova. This time, you can see her bassinet in the background. We were so relieved when we walked in 9 days after she was born and found her not needing the incubator anymore!

Ima's triumphant return home!

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