Tova Rochel Hope-Liel:
Page Four

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(Due to having taken most of the pictures on this roll, Mommy will not appear on this page. Except for her arms in two of the pictures; see if you can find them!)

If this picture looks familiar, there's a good reason. There was one just like it on the last page. See how much she's grown! At the time that we're putting up this page (she's 2 months old now), she's even bigger than this!

Tova's first Independence Day barbecue. She insisted on having her picture taken. What could we do?

We thought we'd make up for all those pictures before where Tova's eyes were closed. And she's starting to focus on things, too. Like, "Who's holding me?"

Who's that pretty baby in the mirror? That's right, it's me!

But after all the playing, there's always Tova's favorite pasttime (except possibly nursing). She was exactly 8 weeks old in this picture, and all the excitement of being that old just wore her out.

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