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My name is Lisa Liel, and I'd like you to do something for me.

You are receiving this email because you are a registered member of the Zehut Party, and on 12 September 2017, we are going to be holding our first primary election. This means that you have the opportunity to determine who will be on the Zehut list for Knesset in the next general election.

For the first time, citizens of Israel will have a chance to vote for the only party in Israel's history to have a concrete plan for the future. A plan that will repair all of the things that are damaged in Israeli society, from security to education to housing to marriage to culture to business, and every area in between. A plan which you can read ahead of time, and which all Zehut candidates are committed to fulfilling.

As a member of Zehut, you have already had a chance to read our platform, and as a member of Zehut, you will have the privilege of determining who will implement this program.

I am one of the candidates running, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you know some of the reasons why you should vote for me on 12 September 2017:

  • I solve problems. I work as a programmer, but I design systems "from cradle to grave", which means that I have to plan those systems ahead of time, and predict what possible obstacles may arise. The Rabbis said, "Who is wise? One who sees the future implications of things." That particular type of wisdom is my specialty, and it is something sorely lacking from the Knesset.

  • I am passionately committed to Israel being a Jewish State, in which every citizen is free to live his or her life as desired without unnecessary interference from the government.

  • I believe that every grain of sand and blade of grass under Israeli control must be under Israeli sovereignty. This means that only one country can exist between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River: The Jewish State of Israel.

  • I believe that what you earn from your labor is yours, and that you are the best judge of how to use your own earnings.

  • I believe that the government is strangling us with regulations, and that the vast majority of these regulations do nothing to protect the Israeli citizen, but only serve to maintain government control over our lives.

  • I believe that every human being is created in the Image of our Creator, and that our lives are not subordinate to any top-down plan for society. When determining whether a law should be passed or not, the primary criterion must be whether it infringes on the rights of individuals or not, and not whether it achieves some social goal.

  • I believe that any enemy that commits an act of war or warlike violence against the State of Israel must die. "One who has compassion for the cruel will inevitably come to be cruel to the compassionate." We have seen this statement of the Rabbis borne out time after time.

  • I believe that the Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel, and not to the government of Israel. That it is the government's miserly hold on 93% of the land in Israel that is primarily responsible for the terrible housing crisis we are suffering. This land must be released to the people.

  • I believe that the responsibility for educating children falls first and foremost on their parents. That government should have no say whatsoever in parental choices in education. Ideally, the government should stay out of education altogether, but as per the Zehut platform, I support the use of vouchers to pay for education.

  • I believe that limiting imports in order to protect local industry does harm both to the industry and to the citizens, because it eliminates any need for local industries to modernize and improve themselves, since they need not fear competition.

  • I believe that the only truly harmful monopolies are those which maintain their monopoly through governmental prohibitions against competition.

  • I believe that people should have the right to marry who they wish, but that this should not be a function of government, and that no one should be forced to recognize a union they disapprove of.

  • I believe that we do not need foreign aid, least of all from the United States, and that such aid harms us far more than it helps us.

  • I believe that government-owned or government-controlled media is a feature of dictatorships, and not of free countries. The same is true of the armed forces. All newspapers, magazines, and radio stations owned by the government or the IDF must be either shut down or sold to private investors.

  • I am opposed to any form of social engineering by the government or the IDF. The purpose of an army is to defend the country. It is not a tool of socialization. And it must become a professional army, manned only by those who choose to serve.

About Lisa

I'm 54 years old, born and raised in Chicago. I grew up in a non-observant home and went to a Conservative synagogue. I spent summers at a Conservative summer camp where I developed a deep love for Judaism. When I got to college, I learned the richness of Judaism that had been missing all those years, and became Orthodox.

I am a student of Objectivism, which is the name given to the philosophy put forward by Ayn Rand. And I have written articles on ancient near east history (Bronze and Iron Ages). I am currently working on a book that deals with the Iron Age in ancient Israel.

I live in Jerusalem with my partner of 20 years and our 17 year old daughter. I work, as I said, as a programmer, telecommuting to a small company in California.

I read a lot. Mostly science fiction and fantasy, but also comic books (DC, rather than Marvel) and historical novels. I watch more TV than I should, and spend far too much time on Facebook.

I have written blog posts for The Times of Israel and The Federalist, as well as numerous blog notes on Facebook.

I participated in the editing of the Zehut platform, and translated a large part of it into English. I have also translated a number of articles and videos from Hebrew to English for Zehut, and added the English translations to the videos as subtitles.

I have been a follower of Moshe Feiglin for the past 20 years or so, from the days of the Manhigut Yehudit party, through the Likud years, and finally as a founding member of Zehut.

I am not a professional politician. Running for office has never appealed to me. But this is a job that needs to be done, and my skill set is just what we need to do it.