Zimberoff Family Trees

This is a list of entry points into Lisa's Family Tree on Ancestry.com for the various Zimberoff/Tsimberov/Zimbroff/Chimberoff/Zimborow/Cimberow/etc families. The first one is Lisa's primary tree, while the others are all floating trees that will hopefully eventually be joined to the main tree.

  1. Froma Zimberoff tree: Lisa's main tree and connects to the rest of my family.
  2. Berel Zimberoff tree: Serge and Rafael's family.
  3. [merged]
  4. Annie Zimberoff tree: The Other Abraham is in this tree. So is the Middle Sam.
  5. [merged]
  6. Moshe Tsimberov tree: Yosef Malkin's family.
  7. Pinchas Velvel Tsymbarov tree: The Klenoff family mentioned in Sam Zimberoff's document.
  8. Hirsch Zimberoff tree: Sam the Older, and Oscar Jacob Leen's tree.
  9. [merged]
  10. Mordechai Zimberoff tree
  11. [merged]
  12. [merged]
  13. Benjamin Zimberow tree
  14. Jacobo Zimberoff tree An Argentinian branch
  15. Marcos Zimberoff tree: An Argentinian branch
  16. [merged]
  17. Leiba Tsimborov tree: This is the oldest branch we have, coming from the 1882 census in Glukhov, Ukraine
  18. Sonia Zimborov Abramson tree
  19. [merged]
  20. Benjamin Zimberoff tree
  21. [merged]
  22. Shmuel Tsimberov tree
  23. Another Hirsch Tsimberov tree
  24. Moysov Tsimberov tree
  25. Yefim Tsymberov tree
  26. Another Binyamin Tsimberov tree
  27. Hershel Tsimberov tree

This is a timeline of Annie Zimberoff (tree 4) and her children, complete with source documents.

This is a timeline of Reva Zimberoff Leavitt (daughter of Nison and Sarah from tree 1) and her children, complete with source documents.

Abraham Chenkin's tree